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Use a Guitar Hero / Rock Band plastic "guitar" game controller as a real MIDI input device

greg-kennedyGreg Kennedy 05/25/2015 at 06:510 Comments

For my first prototype, let's take my Arduino and solder wires all over the insides of this.

Well that was easy. Digital inputs on practically everything, except the potentiometer which is wired to Analog Input 0.

Now for the fun part: using the ever comfortable, highly productivity enhancing Arduino IDE. Because I'm a pleb engineer, I didn't roll my own highly efficient MIDI implementation, and instead just dumped in the Arduino MIDI library.

The way this works is:

At least, that's the theory, but there are some bugs in the prototype. One of the frets seems permanently stuck "on", the whammy bar sends pitch bend nonstop all over the place, and so on.