PC as an Air Purifier for your room

Do you know that your desktop can filter air in your room? Read how to.

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Recently, the topic of air pollution has become popular. With it there has been a demand for air purifiers. I thought about buying such a device, but an original solution came to my mind.
Most air purifiers consist of a case, fan / turbine and filters. I'm a happy owner of a desktop PC that has a case and fans. When I'm at home, my computer is on almost all the time. Why could not it clean the air in my room at this time? Let's do it…

My case has an anti-dust filter (fine mesh) in front of the fan. In place of this filter I intend to insert a hepa filter and an additional cotton filter. In some cases, you will need to find a slightly different solution for placing filters. An additional fan will also be useful to increase the filtering surface and the amount of cool air flowing.

Technical details:

Temperatures inside the case with ordinary computer use (music from Youtube and surfing the internet) are virtually unchanged. At maximum load they jumped slightly (some 2-4 degrees). I think it's not a tragedy :)

The efficiency of the air purifier is noticeable. I ventilated the room until the measurement of dust on the outside aligned with the inside and I started measuring. For several days the air outside is quite clean for my city. The room has 70 m3.

time from closing the windows.
PM 2.5
PM 1.0
PM 10
0 min
10 min
30 min
1 hour
2 hour
3 hour and more (balance close to:)

7$ (fan) + 10$ (HEPA filter) + 3$ (cotton filter) = 20$

There are few benefits.
1. I don't need additional equipment at home.
2. The motherboard and other components inside the case are not getting dirty.
3. If you want to purify the air also at night, you need to know that the computer's power consumption is higher than the air purifier. But can your air purifier be able to mine altcoins?

Greetings to Hackerspace: Wroclaw ;)

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    Find a filter that covers the fans

    In principle, the hepa filter will be responsible for purifying the air from harmful dust. Of course I didn't find a filter with dimensions matching my case, but I found one that can be customized. I bought hepa filters for a small air purifier. About one and a half filters will fit into my case.

  • 2
    Additional fan

    I installed an additional fan to increase the filtering surface and the amount of cold air flowing. Previously, I had only one.

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    Adjust the filters

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Krzysztof wrote 02/22/2018 at 19:08 point

You should repeat measurements without hepa filter fitted in case. That will give you some real comparison. I don't say that you filter doesn't work, but you will know how much of decrease is because of filter. Some of that decrease may be caused by your lungs or particulates settling on room surfaces.

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vaticinator wrote 02/22/2018 at 19:16 point

You're right. I need to borrow the dust sensor again, because I do not have my own. And I will make an update soon.

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