Testing the hypothesis...

A project log for Electronics Lab for Children in South Africa

A lab that teaches children STEM concepts and programming, using electronics & MCUs (Raspberry Pi/Arduino), based in South Africa.

Mitchell Wong HoMitchell Wong Ho 05/26/2015 at 20:370 Comments

In true Lean startup tradition, my first step is to validate my idea: I want to test that there is a need/market for an electronics lab for children. The way I go about this is to build a launch webpage that has the details about the lab and a signup page. I send this link around my social circles and see how many signups and site visits I can get. If I can gather enough signups, the this will validate my hypothesis that there exists a market need/interest.

On a separate channel, I've managed to get the attention of a member of the Computer Society with in the IEEE of South Africa, as well as a friend that has experience running non-profit operation. I have meets setup with both.