Raspberry Pi Cluster for ERP server

Low costo ERP server and access point

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ERP system is expensive and complex for many company, so I assemblied a server with 4 raspberry pi 2 economizing lowing cost. original idea is economizing all equipment as each access point to system.
First I made case with LEGO block of my son and than I bought power supplier for RPi and cooling fan.

First I made with 4 RPi 2 + RPi B and case with LEGO block of my son

and than I leaved just 4 RPi 2 with power supply of 5V 12A+12V for cooling fan.

each RPi installed and configured MPI, PHP, MySql, and something else for its correct funtion.

for now, just hardware but later we will put some code and structure some ERP system for micro company.

the idea is every micro company have own system similary as ERP with low costo, and all equipment.

redesigned cluster for better cooling system.

and power supplier separated.

  • 4 × Raspberry Pi 2 model B
  • 2 × acrilic plate
  • 1 × Cable RJ45
  • 1 × power supplier 5V 12A + 12V 3A
  • 1 × Switch of 8 ports

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  • 1
    Step 1

    configuration of wifi is next

    iface wlan0 inet static





    wpa-ssid INFINITUM4A1D1F

    wpa-psk 00E833BB44

    === === === === === ===

    --- issue on apache2

    === === === === === ===

    It was issue on apache2 so I decide to conect with cable temporaly.

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    Step 2

    I inspaired of tinkernut and based on it for this project(part of raspberry pi cluster).

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    Step 3

    yesterday, 11 Jun 2015, I had a issue.

    Cluster turned off after 3 days to work. Just one of top raspberry pi.

    I think that it just a issue of dispel because the fan not cover first one of top. so I will improve new designe.

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