Hack -a- Window motor for Robotics Use.

This is a great hack to turn a window motor into a extremely useful high torque side shaft motor for robotics and other projects.

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I used dodge window motors for this particular hack. It was off from an intrepid if I recall. Check the pictures. I used right and left side motors for a pair. I am sure they used these motors in many cars. I used a .5 inch hardened rod from an old printer for the new shaft. A mini lathe was the tool of choice. I used a carbide insert to turn it down and a carbide drill to make the hole on the end. I had to use a grinder carefully for the oval shape at the far end. I didn't have a carbide endmill. Pictures are worth a thousand words, so check them out for details. When I get a carbide endmill I plan to cut a flat spot on the output shaft so that a set screw can be used against it when for instance a tire is put on it.

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Graham Toal wrote 04/09/2020 at 03:17 point

Another vehicle motor you might be able to use:

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