A project log for Sort of 4th Axis

Rotary control of 4th axis on a mill to save time.

smashedagainstsmashedagainst 05/27/2015 at 04:370 Comments

I used the "spare" parts left over from the TPS test bench's Arduino stage as the quick start to this project. That's a proto shield with a SparkFun Easy Motor Driver soldered to it. I found an Arduino Uno and a SparkLite project case and spacer.

I also reused the code from the TPS bench and worked up code to alter the magic numbers from the stepper code there to work with the huge NEMA34. ( hmmm, how do we share code here? )

I did fab up some aluminum to make "the tooling" and I'll share that once it's proven working. Which next brings up the question of how do we share CAD work here? :D