​26/05/2015 : IR LED working

A project log for Autonomous video recording

This project goal is to developp an autonomous way of filming RC plane during flight without the need of a 2nd person to do it.

walker-ericWalker Eric 05/29/2015 at 08:310 Comments

=> Start and Stop recording : I implemented the command to start the recording and stop it when tracking start and stop.

=> For the zoom, the IR control was already working, the computation was not.

I will use speed / distance like the rotation to zoom or not. I added a switch to have 2 presets of "max_zoom" as in RC model video you don't want to zoom to much.

The only problem I have is the time used for the IR command as is take 3 x 30ms and increase my loop time decreasing the rotation response time.

I need to go to the field and fly my quad again, the goal is to find 2 presets that will be change according the speed of the airplane.