• Stumbled on a bit of information...

    Katie Fortunato01/28/2019 at 00:37 0 comments

    So in a bit of a random moment, I stumbled onto some information randomly, though sadly probably still of no great help in eventually cracking this big steel nut. Information is copied below in case the original source goes offline.


    Lockheed Aircraft Service (LAS) EFDARS (Expandable Flight Data Acquisition and Recording System) Digital Flight Data Recorder Model 209. Orange metal case with reflective white stripes. Designed to use 1/4" magnetic tape.

    Information from Lockheed Aircraft Service Manufacturer label: 
    Manufacturer Numbers: Model Number 209, Part Number 10077A500-103, Serial Number 1223, TSO Number C51A
    115 VAC, 400 HZ, 20 WATTS
    Weight: 22.5 lbs.

    Model 209 was first introduced on commercial aircraft in 1972.

  • Detailed Photos Uploaded

    Katie Fortunato06/28/2017 at 17:40 0 comments

    Well, that took... a while.

    I've finally updated this project, and while I anticipate that work will continue to be slow on it, many detailed photos have been uploaded, and I plan to take a few more once I take the thing apart further. In particular, the motor, tape casing, and external connector will have more detailed shots in the coming weeks. I hope to do a detailed trace of where the connector's pins go, and possibly a more detailed layout of each board.

    I'm still looking for a copy of any service manuals for this device (or similar models if available). Digital, physical, whatever. Hopefully though, this update finally gives you some information to go on if you want to help me decode what each card does, and how they're connected.

  • Seeking Info on LAS 209(e) FDR

    Katie Fortunato05/27/2015 at 21:45 0 comments

    Right now, I'm still seeking a (preferably digital) copy of the service manual and datasheets for this device. If anyone is able to share a copy, donate a physical copy, or has connections with Lockheed, I would appreciate any assistance in helping to crack this rather heavy (22.5 lbs) steel armored egg.

    (NB: Pictures will be forthcoming.)