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drewrisingerdrewrisinger 06/30/2015 at 02:220 Comments

So I'm currently trying to decide what to do next with this project. I have a few other projects floating around that have taken priority (such as collaborating with someone who's building something based on my ESP-01/03 Breakout), and work and travel have gotten in the way recently.

My current thought is to fork my effort, and create two simultaneous layouts with different timeframes:

However, forking will greatly increase cost, as each current run of boards will cost $30 at OSH Park (2"x3" board = $5*(2*3)=$30 for 3), and the parts in the BOM costs roughly $60 each, running to $90 for each iteration of the board (assuming I don't retrieve parts off the outdated boards, which is hard without a hot air gun).

The better solution would be to order a set of parts that I think I will use, and a bunch of SMD to breadboard breakouts, and try to wire everything up in a breadboard to confirm that it will actually work before I layout & order the board. This has the advantage of enabling troubleshooting & reconfiguring of the circuit, but at the expense of complexity, a large breadboard needed, and

My least favorite option, but maybe the best to fit within my life, is to simplify the board, and just use the first-stage PCM2706 into the opamp. This would prove that the opamp and PCM2706 are working, and have a higher chance of success. It would also be simpler, which will allow me a quicker turnaround time and to fit it between my other projects.

If anyone has any opinions, please let me know! I'm currently leaning towards cutting features and getting the PCM2706/opamp combo working on a smaller board, and then trying to get the PCM1794 added in after that's working.