A project log for PMC-35V - an Open-Source Mobile VHF Radio

An attempt at making a mobile radio that's hackable, moddable, and easy to build.

patrick-mcdonnellPatrick McDonnell 06/15/2015 at 14:440 Comments

Well, I've been slowly gathering more and more information for this build, and I've come to the decision that we really don't need two of the DRA818V modules to make it work. The delay between RX and TX is only 20ms according to the datasheet, and from what the internet has to say it's only a bit longer than that in real-world tests. This is plenty fine for a basic FM VHF radio, and it's certainly good enough for something that aims to be made for around $100.

That's all, just a short update this week because I don't have much else to report on.