WiFi , pick and placing

A project log for LayerOne 2016 Conference Badge

What will we do next.. Well the same as last year, with some changes

charliexcharliex 05/22/2016 at 00:480 Comments

More parts. CR123a's and holders, CPU's

Had to build a stencil holder

custom made steel pins

Picked the right diode it seems, I was worried since my board with two diodes wasn't doing well, but forgot we weren't using the logic level converter, added that and dropped the two diodes to one and works up to 7V , 6.4V is the highest with the

Running in WiFi mode. Inside a ER20 tool holder box.. Music is quiet in the background but you can hear it later in the video.

Continuing to build the stencil holder and start pick and placing. Built 8 badges by hand so far.

6 days to go..

Unfortunately we are low on ESP8266's since we gave them away like candy last year, and couldn't get them delivered in time.