• 04.06.2015 3D printed proto type

    myklebust8206/04/2015 at 20:09 0 comments

    ok the prototype is working ok. minor changes in the mounting (coming soon) but as a consept it works even with only 27% infill on the part it is strong enough.

    the length and hight adjustments will be taken care of in the next step (different mounting)

    hopefully this will make the length long enough and the height compensation of 20mm by offset the two parts

    once that is confirmed a second part is then going to be printed for monitor number 5 and probably with at least 60% or 100% infill

    Stay tuned, just need to get some hardware (M10 bolts, nuts, washers and some metal sheets to make the connection between the two parts

  • 03.06.2015 New approach

    myklebust8206/03/2015 at 21:18 0 comments

    ok the idea with sliding regulated extension is put a way for now and just at simple extension is made. this is also making the rotating in the XY direction out on the monitor vesa mount instead of back on the rail. this makes it possible to slide on the rail to adjust the distance from the rail to the mointor. estimated printing time 3-4 hours.

  • 28.05.2015 project start

    myklebust8205/28/2015 at 21:22 0 comments

    starting by sketching up in 3d CAD program a adapter plate for the original VESA 100 mounts making them able to be adjustable in and out to compensate for the radius of the rig. problem is that the radius is not made for 5x in portrait

    i'm starting whit the depth adjustment feature based on a pipe design to be able to slide in and out on the pipe using a threaded steel rod in the middle for adjustment