Countless hardware troubles!

A project log for Marauder's Map

A real life player tracking system, that will give users access to a map of everyone else in the area.

John BoydJohn Boyd 04/02/2014 at 01:340 Comments

It has been a while since I posted a project log, so I thought I would give an update. I have been working hard trying to debug several issues on our assembled board. For some reason I cannot get the SPI communication between the MSP430 and CC2500 working. At first I thought the CC2500 got fried during soldering, but now I am severing the SPI wires and watching them on the scope, only to see that the SPI clock isnt even being driven by the uC. 

The problem with this is it could be a firmware issue (The SimpliciTI SPI APIs are deep and complex) or I may have broken the eUSCI module on the MSP430 if I accidentally overcooked it during soldering. Given that both of these problems are tedious to solve, I will be focusing on integrating the firmware better with Clayton's software and we can just use the EZ430-RF2500 devices to demo the project for the Sci-Fi Contest. Once the firmware is solid, I will come back to debugging the hardware, but PCBs may arrive after the contest has ended. Dont worry, we will continue to update this project LONG after the contest is over :)