Testing, testing and more testing

A project log for Marauder's Map

A real life player tracking system, that will give users access to a map of everyone else in the area.

John BoydJohn Boyd 04/17/2014 at 18:540 Comments

So as Clayton mentioned in the previous log, we pretty much have the entire system integrated and now it is time to test, debug and improve. We have been testing the system in different environments, and have had interesting results. While the results are certainly not as reliable as we would like them, we do get results that are "in the ball park". 

Just a little hardware update: I resolved several issues with the hardware, most notably porting the firmware from the EZ430-RF2500 platform to our custom platform, but a few issues still remain. Unfortunately, since the project works decently just using the EZ430-RF2500 boards and time is running out, we will be sticking with these boards for the proof of concept, and may come back and finish up the custom hardware once the project is completely working.

We are well on our way to wrapping this project up. We mainly need to improve our distance calculations between the receivers and the tracking tag. Once we work that out, the system should work much more reliably. Stay tuned for progress!