Going into the "cloud"...

A project log for Raspberry Home Automation Cluster

A high availability Raspberry pi cluster for home automation purposes. Simple, low on energy, but very stable.

michiel-spithovenMichiel Spithoven 01/28/2015 at 19:370 Comments

I'm currently working on the fourth domotica version. I hope this will be the best, and last…

Even in a cluster form, the Raspberry's showed not to be bullet proof. As you can imagine, this is must for a system you depend your lighting, heating, venting, security, etc. on.

The new idea is to get the system in the "cloud". I really hate this marketing term, but ok.., I'm going into the cloud.. -_-

I have ordered a "Electric Imp". This is a small microcontroller with the SD card form factor, and can (must?!) be programmed thru the Imp cloud IDE. So far I have one "imp" running, and posting his GPIO port status to my own domotica API.

I will let this run for a few days, and check if this will be a stable solution for my domotica blues….

Will keep you guys updated!