There are two parts of the system:
the hardware unit Oktopod_Board
and the software Oktopod_Control.

The connection between these two parts can be established through Bluetooth or USB.

HARDWARE: Oktopod_Board presents a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), which features plug and play inputs and outputs for connecting low voltage electronic devices, like: LED lights, DC & servo motors, electromagnets, switches, photo-, thermo- and magnetic sensors, and so on.

Technical characteristics:
- 8x Analog output (up to 3A)
- 2x DC motor driver
- 3x Servo motor driver
- 4x Digital inputs

Other: ATmega16 microcontroller, USB/Bluetooth communication modul, Power supply input 6-12 V (reverse polarity protected), On board 3 A fuse...

SOFTWARE: Oktopod_Control allows manual control or programming the board. There are PC and Android versions of the application, which both are open source!

In Manual Control mode, the software is used as a remote control for the board, like a virtual dashboard! The desired actions are executed in real time, by moving the sliders and pressing the buttons.

Programming the board is enabled by creating so called "WishList". This presents a unique way of programming which you can get the hang of in just five minutes. When the board is connected, you just need to set the desired output actions, using the virtual dashboard, and add them to your WishList. When all of the actions are added to your list, just DOWNLOAD or click PLAY, and watch what happens!

For the inputs you can use different sensors:

  • Switches and tasters
  • Temperature sensors
  • Light sensors
  • Magnetic detectors
  • Sound sensors
  • Humidity sensors
  • ...and any other sensos with digital output!