First try with an interactive floor.

A project log for Geodesic Dome

low cost 6.5m diameter dome of slatted frames combined with different LED pieces

nanunanu 06/01/2015 at 19:090 Comments

It is possible to measure the pressure piezo- element and a zener-diode. In first experiments it worked quite well.

The idea is to use a piezo element every 25 cm makes more or less 140 piezos. To get the data i used a MCP3008 a 8 channel analog spi interface. Then the floor looks like that:

To get it well i need 2 thin and strong layers - one underneath the sensor and one above.

In this test case I used acrylic glass with 8 sensors and one mcp3008. The problem is the weight and the cost of acrylic glass. Further ideas welcome.