• Please be to review my ESP8266

    Jarrett03/27/2018 at 20:26 4 comments

    This has all the bells and whistles, so it'd be nice to get some more eyes on it.

    It's exported from Upverter, which to be honest, I'm not particularly happy with the exported schematic view. Other than that, I quite like it. It also might have a transparent background, so you'll have to view in a new tab or something.

    It's an ESP8266 dev board.

     USB-UART bridge uses DTR and RTS to control the programming pins, NodeMCU-style.

    Battery or USB, whichever is higher, feed the main voltage input. That goes to a SMPS, which a fixed 3.3v output, and an enable pin tied to a low-voltage cut-off for when the battery sags to around 2.8v.

    USB power is also feeding a battery charger.

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

    Most of the semiconductors are also ones that are available through AliExpress, which to me, means the Chinese clone market is using them and they should remain cheap/good/available, and easy to scale up if I want to manufacture.