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A project log for Heimdall - dumb remote home

It's not smart. It's a raspberry pi I can ssh into. With a fancy mac inspired case.

davedarkodavedarko 12/09/2015 at 10:480 Comments

because I asked myself what the price would be in case I use the PIzero and want to create a shield... tada:

This is a design for an arduino HAT that can feature an atmega328p as a cheap ADC and even more IOs I don't use. Arduino for real-timey-wimey stuff. I've completely done it the wrong way again, first designed, then checked. Still had some fun and assures me that it's doable.

Path to do:

  1. check how much current the 3.3V power converter on the raspi can deliver additionally for powering the arduino
    1. if needed, design a power supply based on the MCP1710 (shutdown input makes it interesting for arduino)
  2. add 5V micro/mini USB port and put ACS712 between
  3. add RGB LED for basic debugging (wsb2812 or plain rgb)
  4. add jumpers / soldering connections for different powering setups
  5. maybe replace the quartz for something SMDish

433MHz remote control