TEGpro Announces 22 watt, 7 volt TEGs

A project log for The FireVolt Project

A 200w Wood & Pellet fired Thermoelectric Generator for the InStove 60L Rocket Stove; "Help People, Be Sustainable, Electrify the World."

Rob ParzekRob Parzek 06/09/2015 at 15:280 Comments

Exciting news for the FireVolt output specs! TEGpro has just released their next generation TEG elements. Output ratings of 7 volts and 22 watts (per TEG tile) will allow the InStove 60L Core to reach 300 watts max, 250 watts nominal. The same form factors allow a whopping 500 - 600 watts possible on the InStove 100L (though build cost is also proportional) it is exciting to consider a solid state, non-radiant, wood-fired rig with those numbers.

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