The Keystone of the Design

A project log for The FireVolt Project

A 200w Wood & Pellet fired Thermoelectric Generator for the InStove 60L Rocket Stove; "Help People, Be Sustainable, Electrify the World."

Rob ParzekRob Parzek 09/20/2015 at 14:590 Comments

Before we get to that live demo video (the worldwide debut?) of the FireVolt. I'd like to present the "Opposing T" core bypass system. This focuses, not on the plumbing or pumps up at the top, (nor the core array below), but the space in the middle. As you may notice, the silver "mini T" connects to the large black T (originally where the straight smokestack was). This is a keystone design element which allows the system to harness the true power of the InStove's awesome combustion characteristics. The pathways that the combustion gasses flow through are each controllable (adjustable) by dampers, allowing a fine-tuning of the burn and power generation profile.These are off-the-shelf DuraVent chimney flue components. As a side note - The very top of the silver T features a "clean-out cap"which currently has a Rutland Burn indicator (temperature gauge) sitting on it to provide a rough core temperature reference. Ready to fire it up?