Update Feb 2016

A project log for Advanced Stirling Radioisotope Generator

NASA cancelled this program in 2013 after spending USD260 Million. Lets see what we can do for USD260!.

mw-motorsMW Motors 02/26/2016 at 13:211 Comment

We finally got the device to work.

The problems identified were rather simple. We made the hot cap & Displacer ourselves. They never felt correct. We eventually sourced some off the shelf parts on amazon that were perfect for this purpose. With the new hot cap & Displacer we got some movement. We then made the grooves in the Beryllium copper membrane bigger & this got us proper movement...

Just now, we are making the magnet assembly so we can convert the movement into electricity. We will then run tests to see how efficient the unit is.

After that, we will add a solar collector.

When complete, the device will be wonderful because it can run on solar power during the day & any heat source during the night. What we have is a device that solves the problems of overcapacity caused by solar panels, windmills etc..

The device can produce electricity 24 hours a day simply by switching the heat source from solar to gas, a simple flick of a switch..

The elephant in the room is efficiency. I expect we will only be around 5% efficient now. However, I will not worry about that until we have measured efficiency, hopefully in March. Pics do not really show anything about the device. Things become more clear with a video. I will post one once we have added the magnet assembly on the top..

Very happy we finally got this thing to work, it has been very channenging...


V wrote 02/26/2016 at 18:40 point

good luck!

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