Cleanopy is an add-on device for baby cribs and strollers that offers continuous protection from air pollution.

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Cleanopy provides a flexible and comprehensive system for measuring children’s exposure and protecting them from air pollution and harsh environmental conditions. Cleanopy is a portable, convenient, on the go add-on for baby cribs and strollers. It’s designed specifically for children and can be used indoors or outdoors. Cleanopy has three major components. Air purification system is used to generate clean air and protect the child against all the major pollutants. An array of low-power sensors is used for monitoring air before and after filtration. It provides feedback on the ambient polluted air and notifies the parent when filter needs replacement. It also saves power by controlling the air purification on-demand .Finally, the air curtain is used for keeping the dirty air out and clean air in. Cleanopy is low-power system. Energy needed for operating the sensors and air cleaning systems are harvested from the solar panels and rotation of stroller wheels.

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