Using Konekt with a BeagleBone

Connect your BeagleBone to a cellular network using Konekt's SIM cards

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These are just some quick instructions on getting a BeagleBone up and running on a cellular network using a USB cell modem.

  • 1 × BeagleBone Black
  • 1 × 8GB MicroSD Card
  • 1 × Huawei E303 Cellular Modem
  • 1 × Konekt SIM Card
  • 1 × Windows or Mac computer with free USB port

  • 1
    Step 1
    Slide the cover off of the Huawei E303 Modem and insert the Konekt SIM card.
  • 2
    Step 2
    Plug the modem into your computer.
    It should mount itself as a flash drive. The drivers for the modem will be on the drive. Go ahead and install them.
  • 3
    Step 3
    When the install is finished, it should automatically open up a web browser with the Huawei HiLink settings page. If this doesn't happen, open your web browser and go to

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