Connecting Arduino to Cellular via Konekt

Use Konekt's M2M Platform to Connect an Arduino to Cellular!

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Use a Konekt SIM with a Seeed Studio GPRS shield v3 to make an Arduino Uno v3 cellular enabled.

This is a tutorial taking you from out-the-box, to requesting web pages over cellular, with an Arduino Uno v3.

If you are using a different cellular shield than the Seeed Studio GPRS Shield v3, these instructions should still be compatible, so long as the modem can be controlled using the standard AT command set: GSM 07.07 & 07.05 and Enhanced – SIMCOM AT Commands.

A major caveat I came across in my testing:

  • The power consumed by the GPRS shield, in conjunction with the Arduino, may exceed the available power provided by USB connection alone – especially during spikes of cellular activity. This would cause my GPRS shield to power off in the middle of HTTP requests on some occasions. As a result, we will be providing a 12V 1A power adapter in each Arduino package, which should be more than enough to satisfy any power-hungry Arduino projects, while being within the limits of recommended power specifications.

  • 1 × Arduino Uno v3
  • 1 × Seeed Studio GPRS shield v3
  • 1 × USB A to B cable
  • 1 × 12V 1A power adapter
  • 1 × Konekt SIM card

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  • 1
    Step 1

    Unpack your beautiful new hardware

  • 2
    Step 2

    Register your SIM on the portal here

    • The SIM number is the long number printed on the back of the white card (also printed directly on the SIM itself).

  • 3
    Step 3

    Punch out the Konekt SIM and slide it into the slot on the back of the GPRS shield

    • To open the slot, you may need to slide the case slightly horizontal, in the direction of the "OPEN" arrow.
    • Make sure the SIM is inserted so that the metal connectors will touch when the case is closed.
    • After shutting the case, make sure to lock it by sliding it slightly horizontal in the direction of the "LOCK" arrow.

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