Case Design/Artist Rendering

A project log for Elderly Asset Tracker

An asset tracker geared toward the elderly, demented, and folks who get lost.

cjskalkacjskalka 09/20/2015 at 19:140 Comments

I spent some time of the last few weeks learning SketchUp and have designed a simple case to house EAT. The case has cutouts for antennas (not necessary but doesn't hurt and saves on material), USB and battery connectors, as well as the speaker and microphone. There is enough space in the case to hold a 1Ah lithium ion battery. A loop is made on one side of the case to allow for a lanyard to be attached so the user can wear the device around their neck, .stl files can be found in the GitHub repository. The case has been printed by Shapeways and is currently in transit, cost was approximately $18 for both pieces.