Embarking on Collaborative Text Editing

A project log for ChorusText

Open Assistive Device, shifting the focus of text-editing from vision to touch+audial, edit text without eyesight.

David EffendiDavid Effendi 07/30/2015 at 04:410 Comments

Just wrote some code that will function as a Server for multiple ChorusText devices to connect to. It's pretty basic right now, only establishing connection and a session manager, but the goal is to make it into a real-time, collaborative text-editing platform, where multiple authors connect to a session and work on the same document, in real-time.

The real-time-ness won't be at the level of per-keystroke basis, but per-line basis. Like etherpad-lite (, but with per-line updates and touch+hearing based.

Once we have a system to navigate and edit text reliably, the door to many more possibilities opens... ChorusText is not designed to be just a standalone text-editor, let's make a collaborative platform and bring minds together! :)