I developed a new shear thickening fluid accidentally!

Cut kevlar fabric to the same size for whatever size panel you want to make.

Then dry your kevlar in 250 degree F oven for 2-3 hours this removes water from in between each individual aramid strand increasing the vanderwall interactions and making a stronger fiber. You will need 10 layers of kevlar to make an effective level 3a vest.

Then mix up your STF(shear thickening fluid) this fluid will remain flexible while imbedded in the kevlar allowing easy movement yet when it is strongly impacted by a bullet or a stabbing utensil the calcium carbonate will lock together around the poly ethylene glycol molecules and resist deformation. Once strong shear forces are removed the fluid returns to a fluid state.

Get a strong container and add some oven dried reptical ultra fine precipitated calcium carbonate. Slowly add PEG 200 to the reptical until you get a liquid that is impossible to stir and sticks to the utensil when it is pulled rapidly out of the container. If allowed to rest the fluid will return to a flowing state.

example pictures show how jagged it looks when being ripped out of the container, and a few seconds later how it looks when it has relaxed.

When the fluid behaves as such it is READY!!!, Mix it up with some acetone to just dilute it enough it no longer shear thickens, then paint it on to the kevlar. Leave it out in a well ventilated place to allow the acetone to evaporate, you can now test to see if it works with an ice pick or other pointy instrument. Stab the pad of ten layers of kevlar as hard as you can if the ice pick slips through you did something wrong, if it holds then your 10 layers of kevlar are now as strong as 30 untreated layers.

Now that it test out fine it is wise to seal it in a vacuum bag in order to keep the hygroscopic kevlar and PEG 200 from adsorbing atmospheric moisture. Alternatively you can sew it up in a breathable material as I did and store it with dessicant until the fateful day the zombie apocalypse arrives.

This is one of the neck pieces, I beefed it up with another 20 layers of kevlar for 30 layers total ( This is an equivalent of 90 layers of kevlar!!!!) aint no zombie going to bite through this!