fail: pcbs are like gremlins

A project log for Towani Lifesign Wristdevice - Star Wars Ewoks

Do you remember those star wars ewoks movies? This is the device the Towani Family were wearing in those movies, showing their lifesigns.

davedarkodavedarko 07/04/2014 at 12:540 Comments

don't feed or order them at night. So the boards for the shield came in today and I placed all the parts facing towards the arduino board instead and missed connecting almost everything with vcc. It's all connected with each other, but not with vcc :D Luckily I can fix this with a jumper wire and turn everything upside down, put the dip switches on top of the smd resistors. I'm missing pin connectors to try complete the shield, so i'm ordering these and keep it in the box until arrival.. Normally I love those purple boards, but the leds and blue dip switches are hurting my eyes.