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A project log for Muffsy Phono Preamp PP-3

DIY Hifi Phono Stage

skrodahlskrodahl 06/11/2015 at 13:470 Comments

Putting it all Together

These are the parts involved:

Back Panel - Grounding

The first thing we'll do is to make sure all the grounds are the same for every RCA connector and the ground screw. Connect them all together as shown in this picture:

Back Panel - Input and Output

These are the cables that connects the phono stage. The best choice will be to use a shielded phono cable, especially for the input.

Here's how the input cable is connected to the RCAs. Connect another cable to the output, which is the two remaining RCA connectors, and the back panel is done.

Phono Stage - Input and Output

The two audio cables, input and output, that connect to the back panel must also be connected to the phono stage.

The picture below shows how to hook up the phono stage, using two-lead shielded audio cable:

The left side of the board is the input (from your turntable), the right side is the output (to your amplifier). They were connected to the back panel in the previous step, and this is where they attach to the phono stage itself.


Make sure that the input is closest to the back panel. You will want the input signal cable to be as short as possible. Both to keep the cabling capacitance down and to avoid unnecessary interference.

Here's a picture of a two-lead shielded audio cable:

The RED cable is always the RIGHT CHANNEL.

The GREY cable represents GROUND. It will be the shield on your shielded audio cable.

The BLACK cable is the LEFT CHANNEL. Depending on the cable, it can also be white.

Other Cabling Options

Cables can have one lead, two leads, two leads with shield, four leads (with or without shield) and many other variations. The Muffsy Phono Preamp can accomodate all these types of cables.

For the input and output, there are two connections per channel (+ and GND), with a GND connection in between. This makes it easy to find a proper way to cable your phono stage.