Rhoby - small social robot (ver. 1.0)

Open-Source companion robot for teaching and playing

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Rhoby - open-source platform for creating a small social robots.
This robotics platform ideal for learning kids to programming and electronics. But most important what is it very useful for teaching "special" kids, with autism syndrome for example.
Rhoby have a small TFT-display for expression his own emotion, kids can communicate with robot via Android/IOS software and receive answer from robot's emotions or by graphics made by pencil attached to it. Also, Rhoby can check kids graphical answer via external camera or by line-following algorithm.
Rhoby is useful for teaching kids to numbers, alphabet, math basics, geometry, etc. Also, the Rhoby can be useful for adults when studying calligraphy of foreign languages, like japanese or korean.
Future of this project is a creating a open-source platform for the small robots which can communicate with people. This platform will be basic for researchers from makers/hackers community around the world who interested in social

Main goal of this project is creating powerful and versatile robotic platform, which everyone will can use for building own small social robots. In modern days this kind of machines is not so "hyped" but people still is interested in have one. In my opinion, we have technologies, algorithms, one-board computers which is enough for creating useful social robots, but with one exclusion - people don't need expect a artificial human or mind-equal partner, this type of robots, I think, must be more like smarter pet for us.

Published under GNU GPL v3.0 license + CERN Open Hardware License


CERN Open Hardware License

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General Public License v3

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base plate for motors mounting

Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (IGES) - 522.83 kB - 02/24/2018 at 06:16


  • First Log

    Ilyas Akhmetzyanov43 minutes ago 0 comments

    Hello for everyone!

    This is first project log and it about electronics.

    I uploaded schematic for motors driver on GitHub, PCBfor it  i will made as soon as possible. Now for ending this module I need to decide how to make connection for optical encoders universal.

    Stay tuned.

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