Raspberry PI Presence detection

Use Bluetooth device sensing to detect who & what is in range

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Using a concept similar to the Apple iBeacon, can we use Bluefruit LE Sniffers to detect BT devices (and thus people, places, etc).?

Once we can prove the concept, roll this into a Home Automation friendly code for Indigo, and possibly other HA platforms.

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Benjamin Schollnick wrote 07/15/2015 at 20:49 point

I have code working, that utilizes FING (, which is used in a similar manner.  In the current prototype, the presence of the device is updated every fing cycle (by default 1 minute), and every XX minutes, every device is polled to see what ports are open.  This allows a device fingerprint to be seen, and allow the user to have an idea of what any unknown devices maybe.

The bluetooth presence is a complimentary concept, and may even run on the same box.

The framework and concept are the same, the issue is in the execution of the concept with the bluetooth stack.

The FING example below, is effectively a merging of the FING SCAN, and network port test modes, and the output is built by parsing the session data file, and merging the data from those two sources (and the host file).

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