ReBalance: tDCS-Based Human Balance Prosthetic

The intent of this project is to determine the feasibility and create a tCDS-based support prosthetic.

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People with Multiple Sclerosis and Vertigo often lack a sense of balance, or Equilibrioception. The goal of this project is to determine the feasibility of a system that stimulates the brain via tDCS (trans-Cranial Direct Current Stimulation) to stimulate the region(s) of the brain used for balance, and act as a substitute or support to aid the person in daily tasks.

tDCS is a new and growing research field, with studies suggesting the stimulation can promote learning, focus, and memory via catalyzing neuron fire, with a ~9V, 2mA signal running through the skull. While how this occurs is still unknown, there have been noticeable effects.

I hope to use this in a way to act as a new sense to the motor control portion of the brain. While not ideal, I would like to create something that has some use.

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