Voltmeter + Sq. Wave Generator

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a tool for electronics engineers/students to use - planned to include basic Voltmeter, Ammeter, Component Tester, Serial Terminal etc

ZaidPirwaniZaidPirwani 06/15/2015 at 10:240 Comments

So we started with implementing a basic voltmeter on the device.

Get ADC -- > Convert to Voltage --> Display on Screen

After being satisfied that it works we started on to adding circuitry for making voltage measurements of a bigger range (0 to 55V)

The device shows the 2 voltage readings in big fonts and the resolution (number of digits after decimal) changes to 1 digit when the voltage is higher than the 9.99 volts.

Also the Square Wave Generator also works, the device can output a square wave of any frequency upto 1MHz and with varying duty cycle.

All code is up on github and committed..!

Moving to the component tester implementation.