Making our first batch

A project log for Sewpads for Flex Modules

Prototyping concepts of rigid-flex Flex Modules designed for sewing in to fabric

chris-hamiltonChris Hamilton 07/20/2015 at 06:420 Comments

We will be making these by hand initially. That means no soldermask or silkscreen on the boards for now. The initial run is coming along as I am writing this. I'll try to put up pictures of Cynthia making them.

We might make a few batches and sell them as an option to the Flex Modules on Tindie. It will take some effort to solder, but sewing should be a cinch (you can sew straight through the board). The boards may be coated with a silicone conformal coating to improve washability.

We recommend using 5mm or 8mm button snaps solder on to the top and sewed into the material. This would allow for board removal before washing the garment.

Always remove batteries before washing!