Quantity   Component name
2 × 10W UV LED w. Lens, Holder & Heatsink Found them on Ebay out of China.
1 × Recycled ATX Power Supply
1 × Sheet of 16mm MDF And some wood glue, screws/brads/staples.
1 × Litre of exterior house paint (white, semi-gloss). Exterior paint = more resistant to UV exposure.
1 × Dual Channel Constant Current Driver or 2 * single channel. See schematics for my design.
2 × 120mm PC fans Gotta keep them LEDs cool.
2 × Bits of Lead Glass (i.e, from a scanner bed) It doesn't stop UV as much as window glass.
1 × Misc. aluminium plate & profile To make the LED holding plates and PCB cartridge.
1 × Meter of threaded rod, and nuts + washers to match. Levels the LEDs, to ensure even beam spread.
1 × Micro-switch (Don't turn on the LEDs if there is no PCB cartridge in place)
1 × Control system If I was going to do it again, it'd be an arduino.