Magic Sprinter

My work van, Home away from home and LAB, on 4 wheels (@22MPG)

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I travel all over the state of Alaska (and outside if you have work in the winter) I engineer, build and maintain networks, sensor systems, and whatever somebody will pay me to build. I needed a way to cut lodging expenses(it is very expensive to get a hotel in Alaska in the summer) I have always wanted to build out a van/mobilehome/LAB/office with all the electronics I can think of. So, I did. (or I guess I am.

Everything about my project? I do not believe I even know everything about my project. I do know a few things...

  • Built on a 2015 LWB extended Freightliner (Mercedes) Sprinter.
  • Nice living space with most of the comforts of home
  • Functional office
  • Functional LAB
  • Carries all the tools I use on the road
  • Multiple Raspberries providing DAQ, Controls, and entertainment.

  • 1 × 2015 freightliner LWBextended Sprinter The platform
  • 3 × Raspberry Pi 2 Model B's The brains
  • 3 × Hardwood plywood (oak) interior
  • 10 × Aluminum tubing (square, and round) Interior framing
  • 1 × PiPlates DAQC MAin DAQ board

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  • Quick update

    Kurt06/12/2015 at 15:00 0 comments

    I had a few moments break yesterday from the rat race. I have made some good progress lately on the main DAQC python script. It is reliably pushing data to initialstate. (so much so I maxed out my free account) Tonight (friday cause i'm a geek) I am going to explore writing my own web based dashboard. One of the challenges I face is that Verizon want 500.00 up front for a static IP for the sprinter. While I believe every vehicle should have a web address, I am not willing to pay for something I can probably hack around.


    • Enabled and tested onboard watchdog on raspberry pi.
      • I used a small heatbeat program to send a time-stamp to initialstate every 10 seconds. then left it run to see if there were any interruptions, and if it recovered from those interruptions. After 24 hours there were many interruptions however I do not believe any of them were reboots. I am going to tweak my code to include uptime info with the timestamps.

    Made the "focus" list of the items I am trying to monitor and control.

      • Monitor
        • Fan State (On/Off)
        • Vent (Open/Closed)
        • Coach
        • Chassis
      • Temperature (Inside/Outside)
      • Humidity (inside)
      • Engine state (running/Not Running
      • Ignition state (On/Off)
      • Isolator state (Connected/Not connected)
      • Coach Battery (Charging/Discharging/current state)
      • Main Battery (Charging/Discharchingcurrent state)
      • Inverter (On/Off)
        • inverter Voltage (Analog)
      • Current (AC/DC)

      • Control
        • Isolator state
        • Vent (Open/Close)
        • Fan (On/Off)
        • Interior (dome) Lights (On/Off)
        • Interior (LED strips) lights (On/Off/Color) IR

        Last weekend, i built an isolator circuit

      It works, BUT in the process I smoked one of the isolators (not sure how) and I used an LED bar graph with an inop led. (probably smoked that last year sometime) I ordered some more isolators and got them yesterday (God I love Amazon prime) So, Rev 2 may get built this weekend.

      Oh, I also put together a gliffy with some common board representations.

      PM me if you want a link to the drawings on gliffy.

      Stay tuned...

    • Introduction

      Kurt06/11/2015 at 02:13 0 comments

      I have been logging my progress at however, I will be logging progress in both places now.

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