Breakthrough Day! It works!

A project log for PhotonHome - AC Power IoT Homebase

The PhotonHome is the next step in bringing the Photon environment to AC powered applications

sako0938sako0938 12/30/2015 at 06:150 Comments

After finally obtaining the last component of the project, (the 5x20mm 8AMP minifuse!!) the project has finally come to fruition! Luckily I was home for the holidays and I got to show my parents where their venture capital went to. My dad helped film this video and helped me get through the message of the PhotonHome:

The two boards featured in the video is the Particle Relay Shield, and the SparkFun Weather Shield. Upon finally getting everything wired up and complete, without any software at all, using the Default "Tinker" Photon application which allows toggling IO pins using a smartphone, this in turn toggles the relay which switches mains power to the outlet.

That was an exciting first step! But what is even more useful is using sensors to toggle the outlets. I already had a simple app for recording the temperature and humidity using the Weather Shield, and within two minutes I had the Weather Shield sending humidity threshold events, which can be received by the outlet controller in order to toggle the outlet.

Finally, today I made the DHT22 interface board, which will allow me to use my 3D printed DHT22 holder shown in the last project log. Also, another Photon board was built which has DHT22 input, and NeoPixel output.

For the final project demonstration, which will be happening soon I will have high voltage wires in the case, and interfacing with the DHT22, the NeoPixels. These systems will work together in order to take upmost control of your home, and your projects.