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A project log for PhotonHome - AC Power IoT Homebase

The PhotonHome is the next step in bringing the Photon environment to AC powered applications

sako0938sako0938 02/11/2017 at 03:581 Comment

I have been working on this project for a couple years now, and I have finally made something that is fairly easy to make and useful for me, but I always wanted this to be useful to others. This project has 790 followers, but only 4 comments!! Who are you people out there who thinks this could be useful? Message me! I am thinking of doing a small (5-20) production run for friends and family, and wanted to put my value proposition out there:

Who is interested in a 4 controllable AC outlets with AC current logging, powered by the Particle environment, and temperature/humidity/light intensity sensing for <$100? And it has a web and iOS app interface?

I think this is could be the home "growers", brewers, makers, distillers new favorite toy.

Please I need any feedback I can get, if anyone messages to express any sentiment to me about the project, I will post a public GitHub repo with PCB design files, Bill of Materials, Software, and Firmware. (its currently private for my ease of login and security, not for lack of transparency)

Web Interface

Latest project: Mint Plant grown with 5 x 100Watt equivalent LED bulbs = ~75W


AJ wrote 09/20/2017 at 03:35 point

Hi! I'm new to the IoT world, but I just happened upon your project and am fascinated by what you're doing. Are you still working on this?

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