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An open source DSP platform and PureData hardware peripheral, MIDI brain, Synth brain, Audio Jack of All Trades

avrAVR 09/22/2016 at 22:351 Comment

Hey folks, so this project is wicked old, underdeveloped, and unfinished. Some of the parts have even been discontinued. All that being said my passion for music and audio is still there, and I intend to begin work on this project again.

Now for the future of Mako DSP. I have decided to abandon the arduino formfactor entirely and focus on developing a formfactor most appropriate for buidling audio DSP applications with MIDI. Instead of an odd shaped board with headers, I'm opting for a standard rectangular shape with ports on the board edge, LPC4337 at the center. I thinking the following preliminary Specs :

- LPC4337 ARM Cortex M4F/M0 Asymmetrical dual core (Same MCU as before)

- 8 Channel in and out Audio Codec

- External DRAM modules for the LPC4337

- Stereo SPIDF output

- USB connectivity

- USB Host/OTG

- Ethernet

- Full size MIDI input and output DIN connectors

- 1/4 Stereo TRS jacks for all connectivity to the audio codec

The concept I'm aiming for here is sort of like a DSP evaluation kit from a manufacture but instead the beefy LPC4337 at the center of everything. Also all future development will be in KiCAD and probably in a new repository. I'm going to start with the LPC4337, external memory, audio codec, and just USB device in the first version. I have a lot of LPC4337 TQFP parts laying around, so I can build this version for minimal costs, the next version will be BGA and contain all the intended features listed above. Thats all for now folks!


Zorbeltuss wrote 09/23/2016 at 13:20 point

Nice to see that it's active again!

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