Bluetooth Studio Headphone Amplifier

Use your expensive high impedance studio quality headphones with a portable media player to get the best possible sound without extra wires!

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Using the aptX Bluetooth protocol, this device can stream CD quality audio to your earballs at the highest bitrate possible. It has selectable output impedance so you can choose what type of headphone to use. This makes it perfect for anything from ipod headphones to high quality Sennheiser cans! Best of all, it makes use of an LCD touchscreen interface for simple operation. The 2000mAh battery will keep you rocking out for hours on end. A current drive TI TPA6120 output amp is the same one used in Sony's PHA-1 but this design incorporates ultra-precision buffer amplifiers for each channel. Volume control is accomplished through either the use of a mechanical potentiometer, or through the LCD screen in conjunction with a zero crossing detection digital resistor. This amplifier will bring out the most minute of details and make your music come alive! The tiny Surface mount components mean this whole package fits neatly in the palm of your hand. An on-boar Atmel SAM3x8e mcu controls it a

The ground work for this project started in a senior design project. Our team mates are now looking to expand the idea and continue developing our product so that it can be enjoyed by everyone! Prototyping was done using the Arduino Due and Sparkfun Jamboree boards as seen in one of the figures. There are plenty of pocket size amplifiers on the market, but not many that have Bluetooth, a touchscreen interface, and an SD card interface that still retain their high quality amplifier traits. This one does it all and will really bring out the detail in your music. The Atmel chip is highly programmable so we have lots of headroom to continue designing our interface. This is a work in progress so UI work is still needed.

  • 1 × Atmel SAM3X8E MCU
  • 1 × Blue Creation BC127 BT Module
  • 1 × Texas Instruments TPA6120A Output Amplifier
  • 1 × Analog Devices AD8610ARZ Precision buffer amplifier
  • 1 × IteadStudio ITDB02-3.2 3.2" LCD Touchscreen

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  • 3D Design for Enclosure

    John August06/15/2015 at 16:39 0 comments

    I am thinking of getting this made from aluminum with a brushed or anodized finish. I still need to finish making the top portion which will hold the LCD along with making holes for the inputs and volume knob.

  • Project Design Log

    John August06/14/2015 at 18:48 0 comments

    6/14/15 - Right now, the first version of this device is working great! As far as programing, we need to get volume control working with our Maxim DS1801 digital resistor. Comunication with the Atmel ARM processor is done either with Arduino IDE or with the BOSSA application and Atmel Studio. In adition to getting the digital resistor working, an enclosure is being designed. I'll post pictures of our design in the coming days and share source code!

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nate_98_md wrote 06/14/2015 at 20:12 point

cool gadget, got my vote. Nat.

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