230V energy case

Portable case including batteries and inverter to power 230V-equipment wherever you want.

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Having bought a LG PA72G DLP LED projector I needed a power source for mobile presentations.
This air cooled energy case is able to power the projector theoreticcaly for nearly 3 hours at full brightness.

But you can also use it for any other equipment powered by 230V.
The integrated power inverter is able to supply up to 300W continuously out of the two sealed lead batteries.

All components were purchased at Reichelt Elektronik for a total of about 133,- EUR.

Technical specs:

- 230V, 432Wh

- integrated 300W power inverter (900W peak power)

- two 12V/18Ah sealed lead batteries

- air cooling

- case dimensions: 390x280x100mm

- weight: 15,1 kgs

  • 1 × Peaktech aluminium case 390x280x100 mm
  • 2 × Sealed lead batteries 12 Volts, 18 Ah, 167X180X75mm
  • 1 × 230V power inverter 300W, 12V/230V with USB connector for fan
  • 1 × Mains power socket
  • 1 × Fan 12V, 60mm

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Lexcis wrote 07/02/2014 at 15:59 point
Sorry for the delayed reply. The battery has to be charged with an external charger. But that's no problem. Just open the case with two clicks and plug a car battery charger to the batteries.

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Eric Evenchick wrote 03/31/2014 at 17:52 point
Wow, that's a serious mobile battery. Nice integration into the aluminum case. Does the power inverter also allow you to charge the battery from the mains, or does that require an external charger?

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