V0005 not connector-compatible with V0003 :-(

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Low cost ATmega128A-based arduino-compatible PCB with original "Wiring" form factor.

WestfWWestfW 03/04/2018 at 09:330 Comments

Hmm.   Ok, this project was initially spurred by a request on the Arduino Forum, from a university using old Wiring Boards (V0003) with a custom-made multi-purpose "shield" ( )  This shield wasn't compatible with the newer Wiring boards (not even the Sparkfun version), even if those had been still available.  Obviously the solution is to take the open source design and manufacture them yourself.  Which would have worked fine, except that the V0003 design doesn't seem to be around any more :-(   (V0004 is on the site.)

As it turns out, several of the important connectors moved around between V0003 and V0004, so the V0005 design I published WILL NOT WORK for anyone who was hoping to have a board compatible with V0003...   I thought I should put that warning here,  just in case.   Still considering what to do...

(Insert tirade about the importance of revision control in open source projects...)