Notes to self...

A project log for Revive "Wiring" ?

Low cost ATmega128A-based arduino-compatible PCB with original "Wiring" form factor.

WestfWWestfW 03/06/2018 at 09:000 Comments

Notes to self:

  1. don't do teardrops (at least, not using the Eagle ULP.)  They become very messy when you move any components.  Maybe "snowmen" instead?
  2. Part renumbering?  How ?  By schematic placement, board placement, component value, logical use?
  3. The script for copying/resizing silkscreen elements needs an option to do a single component, or list of components, so that added components can be added to the customized silkscreen more easily.  Maybe even a component attribute to indicate whether the silkscreen has been generated yet?