LED Sensors soldered on

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This is a non-invasive WiFi Washing Machine Monitor

pRoFiTpRoFiT 06/19/2015 at 07:350 Comments

Another slow but steady day of work on the project.

With a good headband visor magnifier and a flashlight jammed against my head i was ready to start. These LED sensors are tiny. Some good SMT Tweezers would of been nice but i had to do with a really sharp pencil to push these things into place and hold down while hand soldering. They kept sticking to my x-acto knife. See that thing on Washingtons eye!!

Anyways steady hand and an hour later and i have them all in place. Trust me they are there.

Couple more added wires and the sensor board is 99% complete. Just need to get the flat head 4x40 screws and this can be attached to the washing machine for some testing.

Yah i know wireless device with long wired cable.... If i can distract my wife long enough maybe i can scrap the sensor board and wire directly to the LED's inside the machine!!! :)