Prepare for some long term use

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This is a non-invasive WiFi Washing Machine Monitor

pRoFiTpRoFiT 03/16/2016 at 05:410 Comments

Okay after a couple days of testing i think it works good enough to seal up this project and protect it for a little long term use. I found an old iPhone 4 enclosure that has just enough room to put the nodemcu controller board into. And I've super glued two rare earth magnets to the back so i can attach to the washing machine without having to screw into anything.



Since i had some extra magnets i came up with a nice way to manage the cable. Using a cable tie and a magnet i can run the cable across the front to keep it out of the way.

Cable tie Parts

I also found flat screws so i fixed the sensor board mount with flat screws so the magnets are now holding flush to the washing machine. They were pan heads and it would rock a little before.

Cable harness, New flat screws on sensor board

Okay i had to mount it real quick and take two more photos.


Magnetically mounted on the back

And that is it for tonight. i will still attempt to sit down and create a video of the process. Possibly next week I will have some video editing time.