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nrf24le1 IoT Development Kit

JustinJustin 06/17/2015 at 17:200 Comments

I have heavily borrowed from SublimeAVR, a Sublime Text plugin that lets you use the AVR toolchain, and made the equivalent for the nrf24le1. There will be a Windows and Linux version.

The Windows version will include GNU Make and the programmer (which is a perl script) 'compiled' so that the end-user doesn't need to bother setting up a perl environment. It also puts the required include and lib directories in the project and a Makefile so that everything just works out of the box.

The Linux version is mostly the same, with a 'compiled' perl script that includes the dependencies so there won't be any fuss installing extras. Make won't be included since it's likely to be installed anyway.

That should mean that SDCC and Sublime Text will be the only required installs. And neither will require any tinkering.

After everything else is ready, I will put this on Package Control so it will be easy to install. Until then, check it out at my repo.