CXA1145 Video Processor Breakout board

I wasn't very happy with how I modified my Sega Master System so made a PCB to do it better.

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A while ago I modified my Sega Master System 2 (the one with only the RF output) and noticed that the CXA1145 Video encoding chip could output many other signals such as RGB, S-VIDEO as well as composite. which gave birth to this... a little PCB design to help make any modification to the console as neat and tidy as possible :)
More than anything though there's not much new here, all of the information is readily available online so this was more a practice laying out and ordering PCBs.
I had an idea that instead of soldering components on to the top of the CXA1145 DIP package, i could make a board so that you could socket the IC with the new components needed and a set of headers onto the main board. that way eliminating the need to solder onto the pins on the bottom of the PCB or on to the legs of the IC and making things neater.
i'm currently waiting on some PCBs i ordered so the project is still ongoing but you should be able to see already what i'm attempting to achieve :)

As you can see from the first image I had an initial revision where the PCB and the headers to the main board were nested together. However I didn't think that would leave me with enough space so i opted not to go with that and designed the board with the second design :)

The second revision included some amplifier transistors (in this case BC337s as that's what I had laying around) to amplify the supposedly troublesome s-video signal from the IC.

Currently i'm waiting on some PCBs to arrive from China that i ordered, the board house i used can take up to 8 weeks to finish boards, which i don't mind, this is only a practice project really :)

  • 4 × 220uF Electrolytic Capacitors These capacitors remove the DC offset from the Composite and Red, Green and Blue video signals.
  • 1 × 10uF Electrolytic for Audio Design only does mono from the CXA1145, which is a shortcoming when using the design in say the megadrive which has stereo.
  • 2 × BC337s or any Small Signal NPN Transistor Used for Luma and Chroma Amplification.
  • 7 × Various resistors
  • 1 × 24pin DIP/DIL narrow socket For socketing the IC on the board after salvaging from the console.

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  • Got my PCBs

    David07/01/2015 at 01:24 0 comments

    I happen to have my pcbs so now i'm just waiting on some headers to arrive in the post and then i will attempt the modification :)

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