Entry 5 - Layout Update

A project log for SAM D20/D21 Breakout Board

A Breakout board for Atmel's SAMD20/D21 Series Microcontroller

TomBatesTomBates 02/10/2017 at 19:180 Comments

As mentioned in Entry 4, the size of the board has been reduced to allow more to fit on a panel that I was already purchasing.

Unfortunately, whilst the silkscreen does have some part numbers (frankly a little too small to read easily without referring back to the layout design), I forgot to add descriptions to the pins on the outer edge. Suffice to say, the pins on the microcontroller are directly mapped to the pins on the board, i.e. pin 1 to pin 1 etc. Pin 32 is next to the programming header.

I've panellised these up with another design for manufacture, however the individual layout is shown below, both without the planes, then with them (in this case, both are ground planes).