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Controlling a VW CAN BUS dashboard of a Polo 6R with an Arduino and a CAN BUS shield using the Telemetry API of Euro Truck Simulator 2

Leon BatailleLeon Bataille 06/15/2015 at 16:101 Comment

For already known CAN Codes, please jump over to the project description.

I've figured out more Functions of the dashboard:

Function / IconBehaviorHex-CodeByte structureFurther information
turning signal,
battery warning,
opened doors,

1 = <-
2 = ->
3 = <->

0 = auto / off
1 = on
If the first byte is > ~10
then there could be some errors,
like "Battery is low" or "Check Clutch".

The backlight behavior is complicated.
When it is set to 0, the backlight will be off
when it is dark in your room. Otherwise
it'll be on. I think it's there to see in darkness
that the lights are off.
When backlight is set to 1 it'll be on the whole
time, but the digital display in the middle
will dim down.


unsigned char stmp[] = {2,0,1,0,0,0,0,0};
CAN.sendMsgBuf(0x470, 0, 8, stmp);
This peace of code would turn on the right turning signal and switch on the backlight of the dashboard (display will dim down).

Hint: The turning signal will not blink. The LEDs for it will just be on or off.


Ahmed lz wrote 05/14/2018 at 18:02 point

how can i control my polo 6 with arduino using can bus adresse for eg make low beam on or blikers 

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